Sunday, September 14, 2014

Timpanogos Cave

I was reminded recently that it's been a while here since I've posted anything.  I've been working on a family history project and have been debating with myself on ancestor family history vs. current family history - a challenging problem.  Something else I've been thinking about lately, partially because of the lack of pictures in much of the ancestor family history.  What is it about our time now that we need so much documentation?  I've taken a couple thousand pictures this year at least.  It helps that I have an adorable little baby so it's cute to snap shots of him doing basically anything, but world-wide there is an incredible amount of records being created.  Why?

But I digress...

Besides family camp, our family hasn't taken a really real family vacation for I don't know how long.  Last week Jamie's schedule freed up, we decided we could skip some of our homeschool group things, and off we went!

We started with a closer expedition to Timpanogos Cave.

Stopping to read about the points along the trail.

I have lots of good posers.  :)

The little girls decided this is a fairy slide.

Cool to see how the plants work so hard to survive in all these rocks.

We happened upon a small rattlesnake!  The rangers at the top, including our guide (apparently the snake expert), confirmed that.  We couldn't really see a rattle, but again, it was probably pretty young.  Our guide said there are enough people back and forth along the trail that even bigger rattlesnakes up there usually don't rattle.

A look down towards the valley.

Yay!  We are getting close!

Stopping for snacks

Madeleine hiked the whole way up, inside, and back!

We had an excellent guide!  We told him we homeschool, so he said he expected lots of questions.  The girls were more than happy to ask away.  There was only one other person in the group with us, so it was a pretty cozy tour.

Of course the inside the cave pictures are never as good as the real thing.  Oh well.  The guide told us that Madeleine is the perfect height for the cave, that everyone else would have to do a lot of ducking and bending.  He was right!  Madeleine kept pointing it out.  "I don't even have to duck!  This is the perfect size for me!"

Headed back down!

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