Thursday, April 17, 2014


Carolyn was making muffins when we heard a SNAP.  I turned to see what it was, and she was holding a spatula in two hands, broken in half.  She felt bad, but I told her I've broken several in my day, so no worries.

Adam wasn't nearly as forgiving, telling her she got it all over the place (mainly where the top of it fell on the counter).  Then he realized a little drip had flown across the counter and got on his iPad, and started to tease her about it.

"Well Carolyn," I said, "I guess you should go over and give him a big hug and kiss so he knows you're sorry."

She grinned and started heading over.

Adam has a deep fear of sisterly physical contact (and motherly for that matter), so he quickly picked up a chair to block her and started shrieking, "You've repented enough!  You've repented enough!  Go make your muffins and give service to the world!"

One of those moments I wish I could have had on video, but without that, journaling will have to suffice.