Sunday, March 2, 2014

Food Quest

Yesterday Jamie mentioned being on a quest, though he didn't say for what.  A bit later I learned it was a quest to make some delicious salsa.  I do believe he succeeded.  (Thanks Pioneer Woman.)

He's a great food quester.  At least to my tastebuds, he's already achieved amazing brisket and pulled pork, and being married to him, I thankfully get to partake every time he does.  There is always excitement in the air when he's on a quest.

A few years ago my quest was to make good bread.  Previous attempts had failed, even with tried and tested recipes.  I studied bread like crazy, and can now make a really good batch of rolls.  And yet, just like hitting the same note on the piano gets old after a while, most of the household seems bored of those rolls.  They eat them like crazy straight of the pan, but cooled off and in the bag, they usually end up sitting for days.  I need to start trying some different recipes again.

My biggest food quest right now is for delicious chocolate chip cookies.  This recipe is my latest favorite, although for some reason it doesn't seem to make as many as this one (also excellent) or others I've had around long, even when the ingredient amounts are similar.  Maybe I have more cookie dough thieves (including myself).  Almost every day I think about wanting to make chocolate chip cookies, but I know I eat a whole bunch (cookies and dough), so I can't do it as often as I'd like.

These are my favorite chocolate chips.  I am very happy to eat them straight out of the package.

Check out the amazing variety of cookies at Sally's Baking Addiction.  You could spend a whole lot of time trying out all the varieties she makes!