Sunday, September 1, 2013


I was attempting to repent of one of my many delinquent wifely duties this morning by ironing Jamie's white shirts (case in point - I don't even own an ironing board.  Got rid of it several years ago because it was just something else hanging around here).

Madeleine walked in and started watching me.  "What are you doing, mommy?"  She thought it was funny to touch the fabric after I had run the iron over it.  She was surprised when I squirted it, then offered to help with that.  She kept asking about what I was doing, and I guess in my concentration to do a decent job (this is not one of my talents), I wasn't providing her good enough answers.  Finally in utter confusion she asked,

"What the heck is going on here!?!"

Three year olds are so fun.

A bit before then she was talking to Jamie about different little scabs on her legs.  He pointed out a bruise and asked her how she got it.  "That's a rock stain."  Yes, she's still a rock lover, so I guess it was a pretty good answer.