Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family Snippets

It's been CRAZY around here.  I thought it would slow down after Vanguard finished for the year, but then driver's ed took over.  Super extremely thankful that the teacher was kind and worked with Adam to get his driving done in two weeks, but some days we would show up and he would cancel, or I would get a phone call and he would cancel, or I wouldn't know what time Adam was supposed to be there to drive, only finding out with an hour or so notice.  Still again, very very grateful.  He was heading to camp for the summer June 2, with NYLT staff meeting all day June 1, so I had asked the teacher if it were possible to be done May 31.  He said he would try.  May 30 he told me he was going to test him the next day from 3-4:30 (driver's license place closes at 50, and is about 20 minutes away!).  When I dropped Adam off I told him I would be there at 4:15 just in case he gets done early.  At about 4:07 he called and asked if I was already on my way - turns out he was done, and the teacher had e-mailed me the completion certificate.  I was about halfway there and could pull it up on my phone, but didn't know if the driver's license people would want it printed.  Turned around quick to go home and print, raced back to get him, he jumped in the car, and we slowly creeped through traffic to get there.  Very agonizing.  But still, got there about 4:45.  We checked in and waited... they called the person right before us... we waiting a few more minutes... Then someone announced, "It's 5:00.  We'll have to finish everyone else another day."  Supermom (i.e. me) jumped up to the counter and frantically explained that my son was leaving for 10 weeks, and could they please please take care of him?  The lady asked me a few questions (when is he leaving, where is the camp, etc.), I think stalling a bit as people filtered out, then told me to sit down and they would see what they could do.  They went about whatever they were doing, more people filtering, people driving away.  Finally the lady called us up.  Long story short, she lectured us most of the time about planning for more time, even after I explained that he had finished his driving and finished the test and we immediately came over, but we got it done.  Hooray!

Adam and Sammy are both at camp right now.  Adam for the summer, Sam for the first week to help set up camp.  He gets to help one other week to cover for people on vacation.  He was ultra excited.  (If you can't tell.)

We always try to take a walk around the lake while we're there.  Lucky boys that get to hang out here!

The girls and I have been enjoying more free time.  Their cousins were in town, so we've been at grandma's house playing a lot while we could.  Early this week we took a walk on a trail near our home, went to a park, and came home and had a picnic in the backyard.  

Jamie is working away like always.  He gets his own turn at "girl time" later this month.

We have robins nested under our deck, currently with one baby robin hatched and one little blue egg that is a few days behind and may not do anything.  We love to quietly peek through the slats to see what's going on.  I checked a bit ago - momma was gone, baby was sleeping (tiny tiny feathers beginning after just a few days), little blue egg still there.

We're outside pumping up a swimming pool, and we just watched one of the robins fly to the ground, grab a worm and a couple other things, fly up to the nest, and swap with the other one.  I wasn't fast enough with the camera to catch whoever standing with the nest with his/her mouth full.

For a long time almost every morning Madeleine would give me a hug and tell me it's my birthday.  Lately it's been, "Look mom!  It's spring!"