Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sam at Aspen Ridge

While I seem to be on a roll...

This summer we had two boys at two different scout camps.  As our family motto seems to be, why be bored?  If there is a choice that will create more chaos, we are all over it.  :)

Actually, it was a good thing.  Busy and chaotic at times, yes, but it was a really good summer for each of them.

Aspen Ridge is in a beautiful area near Preston, Idaho.

Moving Sam's bed down to his tepee.  His was the furthest left in the picture.

Settled in!

Jamie had been to Aspen Ridge for camp once, and Sam went for a day last year during family camp, but the rest of us had never been there.  So we took a bit of a walk around.

Sam with his camp


  While walking around the lake this little snake came out and scared Madeleine a bit.

Before we left him there, Isaac gave Sam some little "I love you and will miss you!" scratches on his hat.

My mother heart strings were pulled hard.  Looking back while driving away I could see him standing next to his tepee just watching us.  Ouch!  From there I wondered every day how he was doing.

The next weekend we got to find out since we had to pick him up and bring him home for an NYLT course he was helping to staff as a troop guide.  When we arrived, the camp staff was in a meeting, and they were on their way to being a team.

Camp Director Kevin

Before we could steal him, they took off for staff pictures.
 No one is looking but Sammy.

Double Top - Aspen Ridge's big hike.  On Wednesdays they wake up at 4 am and start the hike at 4:30 am if their troop wants to do it.  Sam said he did it 5 times during the summer.

The tepee was a lot fuller with all 5 guys settled in.

Sam had all his stuff entirely packed.  When I walked in and saw that, I was nervous that he was going to bring everything home and not want to go back, so I made sure we only packed up what he needed.  :)

We had Sam take us up to his area - Handicraft.  Erin thought this was pretty cool.

Sam pointing where he wrote his name, but later some people painted the area, so all the names are covered now (though I'm guessing the handicraft staff found some inconspicuous areas to scratch them in again).

We love writing letters to our boys at camp.  It was always fun writing out Madeleine's letters while she dictated to me.  I had to take a picture of this one.

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