Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bartlett in June

Adam went to Bartlett the week before Sam went to camp.  They had some work projects for anyone that wanted to come up and help, so Jamie and Adam went up Friday evening, got him set up, and Jamie came home the next day.

Before we dropped Sam off at Aspen Ridge we drove up and said hi to Adam.  (Okay, yes, his mom needed to see that he was okay.)  Of course he was.

Nice photo bomb, Sam.

A Madeleine letter to Adam.  When ending her letters she always says, "Love Adam" or "Love (whoever she's writing it to)," I guess saying she loves them.  So even though I write it correctly, I always have to say that she did it.  I love her fun drawings, and that pretty much every sentence is "I love . . ." and "I like . . ."

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