Sunday, September 14, 2014

And Further North - Rexburg Temple, Big Judd's, and the Cabins

We headed up the road to Rexburg.
Took a little drive past the campus there, and wow, it's changed a lot since I was going to school there.  Then to the temple.

More selfies

One checking their selfie, the other taking one.  :)

Would have been wonderful to have the temple there 20 years ago, but what a blessing to the students there now.  So close to campus that it's an easy trip.

Another temple picture with Jamie.

They wanted to go all the way around the temple.

Carolyn trying to get Isaac to crawl all the way up the hill to me.  Nope, he didn't want to.

There is a big grassy area between the temple and the church next door.  The kids got some wiggles out racing.

For the record, Sam won the race to the church side.

Running to daddy!

Madeleine loves to pose, and wanted pictures in front of the pretty purple flowers.  She wouldn't look right at me because it was too bright.

More selfies.  :)

From there, on to Ashton, Idaho so Jamie could check off a bucket list item - eating a Double Big Judd.  Thankfully, not all by himself.  Jamie, Adam, and I all split this.

Keeping it away from those quick baby hands!

Bob and Emmett wanted to pose with it.

Sam got a jalapeno burger.  Look at those fresh jalapeno slices!  Even Bob and Emmett are scared!  Sam said it wasn't too hot, but when he was done he mentioned he was at the point when he couldn't think straight.

(We had an episode of that a few weeks ago with a pepper from our garden, a fiesta pepper.  Sam brought it in and sliced it up, and looking at it, I decided it didn't look very hot and tossed in a slice.  It came back out really quickly, but yowzah, the spice was bad and hung on for a long time.  Sam ate one and swallowed it down.  A bit later he said something along the lines of, "I can't even think straight," then promptly sat on a play table the girls had been using for a tea party.  They had cleaned up the dishes, but it was still wet.  I about died laughing.  A bit later he mentioned that his nose was numb, and I noticed that yes, mine was also feeling strange.  And thus we see, normal people avoid hot peppers for good reason.)

The Double Big Judd sliced in half.  It's definitely BIG!

After leaving there we started to head out of Ashton and noticed this cool train, so Jamie pulled around so Sam could get pictures.  It drove off while we were watching. 

Then up to Driggs, Idaho where Jamie had reserved a couple of cabins.  They were really nice but also really reasonably priced.

Double queen bunk beds!

Besides the bunk beds, a futon to the left.

Of course the top bunk was coveted, so two shared it one night and Sam had it the second night.  The four oldest slept in here.

Tons of space under the beds.  We joked that some of the kids could have just slept under there.

Isaac wanted his turn up on top!

The other cabin had two queens.  The three youngest and mom and dad slept in here.

After the littles were all mostly settled I went over to say goodnight to the big kids.  They were all sitting on the futon watching "Cool Runnings."  I didn't have my camera, but took a picture of all of them with Adam's.  We bought popcorn at a local grocery store earlier, so I popped a bag of regular, a bag of jalapeno (yes, he wanted more hot stuff), and a bag or marshmallow popcorn.  When I got back to the other cabin with the smell of it all still hanging on me, Jamie and I both wanted to make some of our own, but decided we wanted to let the littles sleep even more.  I guess we should have popped some in the other cabin and brought it back.

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time - lots of pictures taken by everyone!! I still can't believe that burger!