Sunday, September 14, 2014

Headed North - Idaho Falls

Thursday, we headed out for the real away part of the vacation.

On our way!  (Missing a few heads!)

We were shooting for lunch in Idaho Falls, but Isaac was done with the car by Blackfoot so we stopped there and ate at a park.  It was COLD and WINDY!!!!  Most of us weren't done eating when we decided to pack back up in the car and drive on.  We were a little worried about what the weather was going to be like for the rest of the trip.

At the Idaho Falls Temple we were happy to find that there was no wind and it was much warmer.  Thank goodness!

Sam was in charge of pictures with "Bob Computerton" (left), but he brought a few other friends along as well.  After today, sadly Bob kind of got forgotten and stayed in Sam's pocket.  But he had some fun here!

Bob and Emmett almost got eaten by Adam.  That didn't make Sam very happy.

They have a beautiful visitor center!

Bob and Emmett hanging out with a moth.  I think Sam said one of them was sitting on it at one point.

They had Books of Mormon in a variety of languages.  I should have checked to see what language Madeleine was reading.

Erin playing some fun temple games.

Melanie logged into family search and found some green arrows!  She's been on there a lot, so she was a bit surprised (as was I) to find some so easy.

Adam watching some "special witness" videos.

Melanie and Sam checking out some Idaho Falls Temple history.  The pink paper in front of them is a ticket to the dedication many years ago.  With the Ogden Temple dedication coming up, I pointed out how their tickets will be exciting historical items someday.

Jamie and Marni, with a great photo bomb by Adam.

Everybody loves Isaac!

After leaving the temple we drove past the park along the river.  The boys jumped out a few times to get pictures with some of the art there.  A lot of "selfies" were taken on this trip (like the one above).

A caboose!

Selfie with a moose

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  1. Can't believe that Sammy remembers to take along the Lego people - or does he always have a couple of them in his pocket? A lot of fun memories!